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Vice President of Toy Testing


As a young German Shepherd mix, you might think Lupin has tons and tons of energy. In fact, he’s the model work-from-home dog. As is typical of his breed, he just wants to be wherever Adam is—so Adam never has to wonder where on earth he’s gotten to. When it’s work time, Lupin can be found gnawing on his rubber ball and napping quietly until it’s time for his lunchtime outing. As a sensitive and smart pup, he pops up at the sound of a laptop closing, because he knows that means it’s time to go out and play.

But like all German Shepherds, Lupin likes having a job – one at which he excels: ensuring all his toys are thoroughly dismembered. Equipped with powerful jaws, a potent sniffer, and relentless determination, he’ll quickly find whatever makes the toy go “squeak” and remove it. Stuff a treat where it used to be, and out comes the stuffing in order to find that tasty morsel. As Vice President of Toy Testing, Lupin conducts thorough inspections to make sure products are of high quality. It’s all part of punching the clock at Spitfire.