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Our approach

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We focus on the change you want to make.

And then we dive in. We identify the right audiences to engage, what to ask them and the best time and place to make the ask.

Equity, diversity and inclusion
are at the heart of our work.

Values are inherent to our approach to finding and helping our partners.

  • Embrace asset-based language
  • Reject stereotypes and fight stigma
  • Engage people who are affected by the work as co-creators of solutions
  • Reject code words and clearly identify problems such as racism and misogyny
  • Form culturally competent teams
  • Build partnerships that diversify perspectives



We are committed to making change.

We ground communication strategy in the real change our partners are seeking. We’ll help you ask the right questions to achieve the results you’re working for. Long-term change requires winning hearts and minds. We have the strategic know-how and creativity to do just that.


We’re leading, and we’re learning.

Spitfire staffers create curricula and teach students in undergraduate and graduate programs across the United States. We collaborate with social science researchers and educational institutions preparing students to enter the field of public interest communication. University partnerships connect us to neurologists, sociologists, media researchers and more.

Thinking big

Spitfire is recognized as a national leader in public interest communication – a field where professionals harness the power of branding, messaging, social media, advertising and more to drive social change. We partner with clients and develop tools to advance the field, and we share what we learn to help everyone do better.