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About us

Kristen Grimm

Nurturing communicators

Two decades ago, Kristen Grimm was working with social-change organizations to make a difference. But she noticed that these groups were starved for fresh ways to engage and motivate people. She knew that they would thrive if they could teach their own people to think more strategically, so she started Spitfire in 2002 to do just that. Today, we're still partnering with many of those original clients, and they are still changing the world. Learn how we do it.


Kristen Grimm founded Spitfire in 2001. We’ve been a woman-owned and led firm since.


We’ve worked with more than 1,200 clients to make the world a better place.


More than 500 leaders have completed Spitfire’s Executive Training Program.


Universities where Spitfires teach and create curriculum for social change communicators.


We work with organizations and causes that help us live our values. Whether it’s standing up against racism, protecting the environment, or making good education and health a reality for more people, we are proud to stand with them.

Land conservation supports our health and well-being
Sign saying Can you hear me now? #MeToo
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OutRight Action International
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RWJF Training 4

So, what’s a Spitfire?

People ask if we are named after the plane. We’re not. The bike? No. The skateboard? Still no. We are named after Kristen. Her friends came up with the name to reflect her personality. Her fiercely passionate, pragmatic, let’s-get-this-done perspective permeates the firm. She has surrounded herself with a diverse, best-in-class team of Spitfires across the country. We have many unique perspectives, and we know how to move issues in community centers and city halls, campuses and capitols, courthouses and conference rooms – in person and online. That’s what a Spitfire does.

Values-driven culture

Spitfires are champions of justice. As individuals, we are committed to the concept of intersectional equity. As a firm, we always push ourselves to advance diversity and inclusion in our work, and in the communities we serve. Does this sound like a home for you?