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Campaign planning

  • Researching audiences
  • Developing goals and tactics 
  • Creating winning content

Coalition, connection and network building

  • Forging strategic partnerships 
  • Planning convenings
  • Sustaining networks

Digital strategy

  • Crafting social media strategies
  • Planning and executing website strategy
  • Executing paid and organic campaigns


  • Providing campaign launch support
  • Assessing effectiveness 
  • Developing tools

Opposition containment

  • Developing messaging
  • Providing rapid response support
  • Crafting strategic narratives 

Communication resources

Getting started? Give us a call or check out these tools designed to help you develop campaigns that connect.

Spitfire in action.
Spitfire in action.

Partners for change

At Spitfire, we’ve led dozens of campaigns, and we’ve uncovered the critical steps that can transform bright ideas into big change. We work hand in hand to guide you through every stage of campaign planning, from defining victory and charting your course to creating your theory of influence and measuring success.

As your partner in campaign planning and management, Spitfire will help you change minds, shift policy and move the needle on the issues that matter most to you.


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