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Combating disinformation

Just Truth

With so much information in the world, how does your audience know what’s real or fake? How do you prevent them from engaging with disinformation intentionally created to deceive them? It may be challenging to stop the spread of disinformation, but it is not impossible.

Spitfire created this tool to help nonprofit and philanthropic communicators recognize, analyze and neutralize disinformation and the harmful narratives that support it. Bringing together existing research on disinformation, recent examples from the field, and communication strategies, Just Truth is a communicators’ guide to combating disinformation in a hyper-connected world.

Whether to preserve corporate interests, hoard political power, or maintain white supremacist and patriarchal systems, we can’t ignore the fact that the current disinformation landscape is rooted in and actively furthers harmful narratives about marginalized communities that have existed for decades (or longer). Left unchecked, disinformation and the problematic underlying narratives that support it will continue to undermine our progress.

Spitfire believes that fighting disinformation is a skill that nonprofit and philanthropic communicators need so that disinformation ultimately becomes a losing strategy.