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SCOTUS fails this country

The Supreme Court this week bowed to pressure from anti-civil rights activists and issued a series of radical decisions that has set us back as a society and will have far-reaching consequences on Americans for generations to come, especially the very communities that civil rights laws are meant to protect.

As a woman-owned small business dedicated to social justice and an equitable and liberatory future for all, we unequivocally condemn these discriminatory and cruel actions by the court. 

We know that this country was built on historic and systemic inequities, preventing Black and Brown people from equal access to opportunities afforded to their white counterparts, such as a quality education. These public policies and laws have exacerbated racial inequality in the United States and the affirmative action decision handed down by SCOTUS in particular continues this charge. With these radical decisions we have to look at today’s generation as well as generations to come and ask “what about their rights to equal opportunity and decision-making processes free from racial bias?” Race still matters in our society. 

We also know that there are many ways to advocate for equity and combat the legacy and impact of white supremacy. We know, despite what the court says, that diverse communities, learning and working environments enrich our society as a whole. 

These long-term goals for a world we have never seen – a truly liberatory tomorrow – will not be lost or won in the courts, at the ballot box or in the streets alone. A truly just, abundant and equitable tomorrow only comes from winning hearts and minds.  

Spitfire stands in solidarity with our movement partners who are on the frontlines, daring to dream, strive and push us ever so slowly toward the world we want to see. We honor our collective pain today and are privileged to care for your words, work, leaders and visions in all of the days to come. While today is dark, we will not be stalled in our work. Together we will move justice forward.

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