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Big Bowl of Spitfires? Yes, please.

What captures our attention? What persuades us? What sparks us to act? At Spitfire, we spend a lot of time thinking on questions like these, and we land on answers that consider what aligns with our values, connect us to people we trust and link actions to meaningful change in the world around us. All of those things – values, people, community, commitment – are part of our culture. So we’re pretty excited about having a new leader on creative and culture strategies. Meet Wyatt Closs, who’s based in LA, where he’s managed his company Big Bowl of Ideas – and is now diving into a big bowl of Spitfires. 

This work of cultural organizing and culture change is increasingly integrated in long-term communications strategies. Much more than something considered extra, jazzy, cool or fun, this work meaningfully engages people in ways that shift opinion, persuade them to act and encourage connection.

Check out some of Wyatt’s recent work to get a sense of how culture comes to life in public interest communication strategies:

Bold and culturally competent creative content is exactly what the New Georgia Project Action Fund needed to engage young BIPOC voters in Georgia during that state’s US Senate runoff elections in January 2021. 

The Move into the Future public art project for United We Dream in Houston expressed the importance of fusing unity and fostering values of abundance for racial and immigrant justice among Black, Latinx and Indigenous youth.

The This is Our Moment spoken word video produced for the start of the PolicyLink Equity Summit not only received a standing ovation among policy wonks, elected leaders and local urban planners, but validated their behaviors and encouraged their ongoing work.

In the weeks and months ahead, we hope you’ll reach out to and follow what we’re sharing about integrating culture change efforts into your communication strategies. 


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