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A communication plan organizes and prioritizes work, such as presentations, op-eds and tweets, in support of social and environmental outcomes. The Pisces Foundation recognized the importance of intentional communication efforts and partnered with Spitfire to craft a plan that outlines its priorities, messages and approach. Including content for the overall foundation and its grantmaking programs in Climate and Energy, Environmental Education and Water, the plan is a living document that foundation staff and Spitfire review and refine – at least once a year – to support Pisces’ work toward a world where people and nature thrive together.

Pisces came to Spitfire for support developing a communications plan focused on creating consistency and prioritizing communication efforts, an intention Spitfire recognizes as vital for organizations and campaigns of all sizes. The plan includes the basics – messages, activities and style – alongside important strategic decisions on positioning and tone. These decisions guide Pisces as it considers when and if to lead communication, and it helps them consider when to step aside and deliberately create space for other voices.

After developing the communication plan, Pisces and Spitfire partnered on implementing activities, evaluating what works and refining the approach. Together they have created annual story arcs (such as a focus on solutions and elevating diverse voices on environmental issues) that provide overarching guidance on the tone and content of communication – all connected to the foundation and program messages and specific day-to-day aspects of the work. Foundation and Spitfire staff partner on creating and sharing content via social media, partner activities, presentations and the foundation’s Pisces website and blog. These efforts not only ensure Pisces staff are communicating with grantees and other partners, but also building their communication muscle to use in a variety of ways. Annual reviews of the communication plan focus the shared team on how to further demonstrate a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion; best use social media; make improvements to the website; and engage grantees and other partners in shared communication efforts.

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