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Meyer Memorial Trust

Meyer Memorial Trust

Meyer memorial trust


Spitfire serves as the agency of record for Meyer Memorial Trust, supporting the foundations’ strategic communications related to environment, education, housing and community in Oregon.  Spitfire has served as a strategic communication partner to Meyer Memorial Trust since 2018, when Meyer’s new CEO, Michelle DePass joined the foundation. 

Most recently, Spitfire worked with leaders at Meyer to communicate the launch of Meyer’s largest-ever initiative, Justice Oregon for Black Lives, a 5-year, $25 million dollar initiative committed to uplifting Black Oregonians and creating lasting structural and social change in the state. 

Throughout our partnership, Spitfire has supported Meyer in elevating its voice and communicating its values internally and externally. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit Oregon, Spitfire acted quickly to provide counsel and action steps the foundation used to respond to grantees and lead the community. We’ve worked closely with Meyer to understand where and how the foundation can best use it’s voice to champion equity, partnering to land earned media coverage in the Oregonian and the Oregon Business Journal. When Meyer opened its new building in Portland, Spitfire acted as a thought partner to plan for ways that internal and external communication about the building, and the physical space itself, would reflect, amplify and cultivate Meyer’s values. And our partnership extends throughout the foundation. Spitfire worked with Meyer’s Building Community program team to produce a comprehensive report-out from a day-long meeting with grantees, capturing strategic direction on deep narratives and systems change needed to address structural racism in Oregon in 2020. 

Spitfire’s support has been nimble and adaptable. In 2019, Meyer identified the opportunity to strengthen its external communication by improving collaborative systems and internal communication between program and communication departments. Meyer sought to understand how to best leverage expertise of program staff across departments to strengthen the foundation’s voice and shift culture so that communication goals are grounded in and clearly supporting the foundation’s program and portfolio goals. Spitfire designed and executed an inclusive, rigorous and thoughtful process to 1) understand strengths and opportunities around internal communication, 2) solicit feedback and buy-in from foundation program team staff, and 3) co-develop a process and guiding principles for collaboration moving forward. The process was effective. Meyer’s communication and program teams are implementing new systems for higher levels of collaboration, ultimately strengthening the foundation’s voice on the important issues it champions in Oregon. 

Spitfire continues to act as a strategic communication partner to the foundation, supporting Meyer in advocating for an equitable and flourishing Oregon. 

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