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Maxwell/Hanrahan communication showcasing innovative individuals



Providing support for change makers in our world, the Maxwell/Hanrahan Foundation recognizes individuals making a difference in science, art and craft, public education, and the natural world, and partners with Spitfire to tell their stories. The foundation recognizes individuals working in these areas are best prepared to tackle the challenges our world faces, and that’s why they provide unrestricted awards for these individuals to spend in ways they know will make the greatest difference. 

The foundation sought ways to actively share its approach, and Spitfire created a strategic communication plan as the foundation began its work. Also during its first year, the foundation launched Awards in Field Biology, soon followed by Awards in Craft and Awards in Food. Spitfire created social media toolkits and news releases to promote award winners, trained award winners on effective messaging approaches and provided individual coaching to support winners in each of these awards programs — including presentation preparation for scientific conferences, a communication strategy for community farmers and storytelling approaches for craftspeople committed to promoting and sustaining their cultures. 

Working in partnership with the foundation and its videographer, Spitfire crafted a script approach that allowed award winners in Field Biology to tell their stories via video in authentic and comfortable ways — and made it possible for the foundation and Spitfire to amplify their voices. We hope to extend this video approach to other award winners and are continuing our partnership with Maxwell/Hanrahan as they live their values and support innovative individuals who explore, create, teach and protect our natural world.

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