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Campaign strategy for Prosperity Economics

Prosperity for All

Prosperity for All

Working with a coalition of the nation’s leading progressive economic voices, Spitfire developed a communication plan and campaign strategy to promote Prosperity Economics: Building an Economy for All, the report that serves as the foundation for the “Prosperity for All” campaign.

The coalition, including the AFL-CIO, Center for Community Change (CCC), Economic Policy Institute, Service Employees International Union (SEIU), Leadership Conference on Civil Rights and National Council of La Raza (NCLR), engaged an independent scholar to develop a comprehensive blueprint for true economic reform. To drive national conversation around the concept of Prosperity Economics and reframe the austerity debate, the Prosperity for All coalition leveraged its members’ strong leadership profiles and tapped its broad membership network. Spitfire and the coalition recognized that the campaign needed to target both the Washington political elites (including politicians, political media, campaign consultants and top progressive advocates) and rank-and-file members of labor unions, community organizations and other progressive allies.

The campaign employed a two-pronged approach to reach its target audiences, first focusing on the grasstops, including D.C. policymakers and media elites who drive the conversation inside the Beltway. Spitfire developed op-eds, sign-on materials and policy papers that the coalition could use to recruit progressive economic thought leaders. These materials were used to drive media coverage in Beltway targeted outlets and were promoted by coalition members through their websites, social media and other outreach tools. The second prong concentrated on the grassroots and target communities, cities and states where the coalition’s allies and partners have a strong presence. Spitfire developed a campaign website, Twitter account and toolkit designed to empower regional advocacy groups to host briefings and events, as well as promote Prosperity Economics and the Prosperity for All campaign. The effort generated media articles about Prosperity Economics and the campaign, social media buzz and an ongoing debate about the benefits of austerity vs. prosperity among the Beltway’s political and media elites.

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