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Break survivor silence

Pinpoint Foundation

Sign saying Can you hear me now? #MeToo

Sexual violence affects millions of Americans. Yet stigma, shame and oppression prevent many women and men from sharing their experiences and getting the support and justice they deserve. Recognizing momentum created by the #MeToo movement, the Pinpoint Foundation partnered with Spitfire to help its grantees, which provide critical services and supports to people who have experienced sexual violence, leverage the opportunity and build their capacity to support and empower survivors.

The #MeToo movement — and the powerful stories it amplified — helped to break the silence around sexual harassment and assault and raised society’s consciousness about the ways in which they affect women, in particular, every day.

To help the organizations build savvier communication strategies and skills, Spitfire facilitated a Smart Chart® strategic communication training for 10 of Pinpoint’s grantees. Our experienced coaches provided each organization with guidance to develop clear objectives, identify target audiences and draft messages to reach their programmatic goals. Following the in-person training, Spitfire provided individualized technical assistance to each of the organizations to help them integrate skills and lessons learned into their work.

For example, we assisted Bay Area Women Against Rape (BAWAR) and YWCA-Silicon Valley in developing compelling elevator pitches to wow funders, activate volunteers and develop a cohesive way for staff across the organization to talk about their work and its impact. Recognizing the unique sensitivities of their clients and the stigma around sexual assault, we facilitated a strategic storytelling webinar for San Francisco Women Against Rape (SFWAR) to help it find creative ways to share the impact of it work and build a culture of storytelling. We also assisted organizations in drafting a strategic communication plan, creating a video to help young women recognize the signs of an abusive relationship and seek help, and developing tailored messaging to encourage first-time donors to continue their support.

By providing tailored assistance and coaching that reflected the unique strengths and challenges of each organization, Spitfire equipped Pinpoint’s grantees to raise more money, better serve survivors and their communities and reduce the stigma associated with having experienced sexual assault and rape.

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