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All sports for all girls

Women’s Sports Foundation

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As a partner to the Women’s Sports Foundation, Spitfire helped the foundation to develop messaging that aligned with its bold, new brand and long-held intersectional feminist values. Spitfire worked with the Foundation to ensure that its messaging reflected its belief in the unlimited power of women and girls and its vision for a world in which women and girls are unencumbered in the pursuit of their dreams.

The Foundation is deeply committed to removing structural barriers that disproportionately exclude young girls of color from the mental and physical health, academic and leadership benefits related to being involved in sports.

When Betsy DeVos proposed dangerous changes to Title IX, Spitfire quickly stepped into action to support the Foundation’s response and advocacy efforts, developing a concise, yet powerful statement urging supporters to submit their own public comment to oppose the changes and to protect the safety of students and student athletes alike.

Spitfire also supported the foundation’s advocacy efforts around National Girls and Women in Sports day, securing strategic media coverage of the Foundation’s local events and meetings on Capitol Hill. Coverage included live reporting on Washington, D.C.’s WJLA, an article in Washington City Paper and several interviews for the “Burn It All Down” podcast.

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