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Tessa Carreiro

Account Executive


With a background in environmental science and climate justice, Tessa is passionate about driving social change. She is committed to advancing the narrative around climate change, specifically as it relates to environmental justice, and has spent years crafting her skills at identifying issues in the national conversation around climate action. Tessa believes in highlighting historically marginalized voices and is dedicated to using this lens in her work.

Her goal is to create long-lasting positive change in all issue areas throughout her work. At Spitfire, she conducts research, tracks media trends, assists in communication strategy and provides general support to her project teams. Tessa approaches her work with imagination and curiosity to find creative solutions and provide the best support to her team. 

While Tessa’s background is centered on climate justice, she has worked on campaigns on behalf of the American Civil Liberties Union and the International Rescue Committee working to protect voting rights and reproductive freedom and aid refugees. This work fueled her belief that community building and education are the way to make change. She has worked in many education-centered spaces, such as the Martha’s Vineyard Museum Education Department. There, Tessa focused on highlighting the indigenous history and impact on the culture of the island. 

Tessa is from the south coast of Massachusetts, which first gave her a love of nature and the ocean. When she is not working, she can be found painting, picnicking in her neighborhood park in D.C. or practicing yoga.