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Sarah Moustapha

Staff Accountant


Fueled by a lifelong passion for numbers rooted in her early years, Sarah’s trajectory into finance and accounting was ignited by her father’s captivating experiences in the business sector of Togo, West Africa. At a young age, she believed that she wanted to leave a positive impact in the world. Sarah’s first earnings went toward a bicycle, triggering a curiosity about the velocity of money’s passage between hands. From early childhood, she tried to spend her pocket money on vintage items and seek advice from her father on how to best resell them to have the best profit margin. She can say without exaggeration that she discovered her passion for business knowledge in her teenage years. She has always been curious about budget and investment strategies, which later oriented her towards gaining knowledge in the field of finance. Since that time, she tried to turn a childhood passion into my lifetime career.

Sarah joined spitfire because she believes that effective communication lays the foundation for transformative change. Her admiration for social justice and human rights equality are predominant factors that guided her career choices. As a staff accountant at Spitfire, Sarah’s responsibilities revolve around ensuring the financial integrity of company operations – meticulously reviewing and processing vendor invoices. As a point of contact between vendors and employees, Sarah clarifies charges, resolves discrepancies and ensures matters are resolved promptly. Sarah’s role encompasses credit card transactions as well. Her diverse background includes experience in various sectors, such as banking, communication companies and senior home management.

A graduate from American University, Sarah obtained her master’s degree in accounting. She is originally from Togo, West Africa. She enjoys cooking, spending time with loved ones, and reading. In her free time, she collaborates with orphanages back in her country to provide a sustainable and nurturing environment for the children.