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Kristine Mikkelsen



Kristine is a communications strategist who leverages her skills in storytelling, messaging, and marketing to galvanize change and build a more equitable and just world. She believes that deep analysis, creative solutions and strategic vision can solve any problem. Her career spans communications at nonprofits, strategy on political campaigns, and marketing in the private sector; she loves to blend those skills and bring them to her clients at Spitfire.

A writer and storyteller at heart, at Spitfire Kristine focuses on providing clients with communications and marketing strategy, messaging and brand building, and media relations.

Kristine cut her teeth on the Obama campaign and quickly moved into political communications consulting with BrownMillerGroup. While there she honed her skills with strategy and communications and fell in love with client work. She loves when a client gets ‘stuck in her teeth’ and she becomes so passionate about their cause and their work that she becomes a true member of their team. She brought that love to Run for America where she served as a director and fought for incredible young candidates to run against entrenched politicians. While crafting their messaging, branding, and communications she realized that there was a shift away from traditional communications and that many of her causes and clients were not keeping up. In the pursuit of novel ideas, she transitioned to marketing at Hinge, a tech startup that was about to take off. She knew that she could cross-pollinate branding, marketing, and communications in this new world, and bring it back to the causes that need it most.

 She is thrilled to be bringing her love of storytelling, and her new ideas on how to tell those stories to her clients at Spitfire.