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Experience design

  • Pop-up installations
  • Exhibits and large-scale visual displays
  • Immersive experiences
  • Interactive learning events
  • Event, meetings and conference visualizations


Creative design

  • Dynamic graphic design
  • Brand identity connected  to brand strategy
  • Digital creative content
  • Website design

Cultural activations

  • Commissioning original visual art
  • Commissioning stage performances, including dance, poetry and theater
  • Street theater, stunts and street marketing
  • Murals and community experiences

Artist/influencer engagement

  • Partnerships with songwriters and musicians
  • Collaborations  with filmmakers
  • Social media campaign amplification
  • Video storytelling and public service announcement

Culture change

  • Landscaping analysis
  • SWOT analysis
  • Cultural assets mapping
  • Audience mapping
  • Cultural competence audit
sneaker-shaped art with image insets

Work we love

Creative and cultural strategies can take different forms for different reasons. Maybe you’ve recognized a need to engage new audiences that your traditional communication approaches aren’t reaching. Or you need to share complex research in a dynamic way that will capture attention and generate discussion in visually oriented social media.  Or maybe the narrative you’re trying to advance needs to have a multifaceted approach that works from press releases to poetry to popsicle wrappers at the park.



The power of cultural strategies showed brightly in LA. Spitfire partnered with the People’s Project, a Los Angeles nonprofit powered by the Los Angeles Federation of Labor to produce Creative Resilience, an artful community experience that amplified the voices of BIPOC Angeleno workers, sounded the call for economic justice and celebrated the city’s vibrant cultural history of resilience.See a full package of videos and case studies here.



Let’s ideate together

Ready to get creative, but not sure how to go about it? Wondering if you should commission a mural or organize a flash mob? Want to partner with local artists to visualize your message? Want to connect with a celebrity or influencers to amplify your work, but don’t know where to start? Let’s set up an informal exploratory chat and we’ll help you figure out ‘what is the what’ that you want to do within your strategic communications goals overall.


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