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Lila Puziss

Account Coordinator

Lila Puziss

Lila believes in the power of public discourse and policy to create a blueprint of liberation for the future. She comes to Spitfire with a deeply rooted systems-thinking mindset and views her work as opportunities to right historical wrongs. At Spitfire, Lila partners with clients focusing on education equity and access, expanding civil rights, and ensuring that government works for everyone. Lila is excited to deploy a wide range of communication tools to transform public apathy into a drive for social change.

Lila graduated with a B.A. from Washington University in St. Louis. Recognizing the university’s responsibility to become an engine of social mobility, she advocated for a transformed admissions policy that treats all applicants fairly, regardless of their socioeconomic position, and fought for the university to dedicate its resources to supporting underserved students. At WashU, Lila developed her passion for the power of words, and even let loose a little as editor-in-chief for her school’s satirical newspaper. A lover of American history, she believes that change starts with honesty about the past, using an intersectional lens to look at our present, and leaning on collective power to unlock the potential of the future. 

A proud Los Angeles native, Lila has a deep appreciation for nature and finding the best restaurants in any city or neighborhood. She loves trying out new dessert recipes, camping and playing pick-up sports with friends, and listening to an ever-growing number of podcasts. Lila can be found at any time of day snuggling with her dog Mazel.

Lila Puziss