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Ellie Masson

Account Executive

Ellie Masson

Born and raised in Burlington, Vermont, Ellie is driven by the power of coming together and sparking change. She deeply believes in the strength of communities, knowing that we all can cultivate social change and use our language to shape what we believe is possible for each other and our future. She is drawn to systemic and transformative change, looking at the historic and structural roots of issues and honoring the ways people have survived and adapted to pave the way forward for us all. 

During her graduate studies at the Carsey School of Public Policy, she found her spark in the words of Black feminists like adrienne maree brown, Miriame Kaba, bell hooks, and Audre Lorde. Through their theories of abundance, resilience, and transformation, Ellie knew her work would lay in co-creating liberated communities through strategic change, mindful language, and collectivism. At Spitfire, Ellie works on projects supporting anti-racism, humanizing language in the criminal legal system, and health equity in communities. She is inspired every day by our capacities to evolve and the people leading this work.

Ellie has worked at a criminal justice reform nonprofit, for a federal criminal defense attorney, and for a community justice center facilitating restorative processes. She most recently facilitated community dialogue on equity and engagement in schools, neighborhoods, and organizations in New Hampshire, creating space for equitable perspectives and challenging the dominant narratives that block progress. Ellie’s academic experience has emphasized the role of language in this space. She received her B.A. from the University of Richmond and M.P.P. from the University of New Hampshire.

In her free time, Ellie loves to practice and teach yoga - often emphasizing the intersections between yoga and social justice, read books and join book clubs, share her latest pop culture recommendations, and spend time outside in the ocean or the mountains. Ellie lives in Portsmouth, NH, with her partner.