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Spitfire Spotlight: Melanie Moon, Senior Account Executive

How are you sparking change as a Spitfire these days?

Right now I am starting to work with a couple of different client teams focused on environmental conservation and social justice issues, with a focus on race and economic impact.

What made you want to be a Spitfire?

I was looking for an organization that seeks to make real change and, ultimately, to make the world a better place. Issue-based advocacy has always been a passion of mine ever since stepping out on my first mission trip to Appalachia at age 14. I witnessed at an early age what a community of forgotten Americans truly looks like and the resources needed to rebuild and revitalize a struggling rural county in this country. Despite the growth of globalization and social media over the last 10-15 years, there are still many communities that desperately need to be heard and fought for.

Spitfire is unique in that it offers the best of both worlds – issue advocacy and communication strategy. I’m excited to join the Spitfire family because we have the opportunity to work on issues close to our hearts and make real, significant change where it matters most.  

Where were you before Spitfire?

Before joining Spitfire, I worked at Burson-Marsteller, a corporate PR firm here in D.C. I primarily assisted in the management of a 30+ local market grassroots network for a global financial services client. I was the liaison between our field team network and the client – helping to repurpose thought leadership content for the markets, develop local pitches and ensure we hit our media metrics each month. Burson was a great place to grow as a young professional and I’m so grateful for the many project management and media relations skills I gained during my time there.

What’s your favorite activity to do in D.C.?

Museum and monument sightseeing! I love being a residential tourist, despite all the seasonal crowds. I can’t get over how lucky we are to live right next door to some of the most fascinating historical sites in the country. I hope to never take it for granted.
Favorite places: Lincoln Memorial, Tidal Basin and the Newseum (what better combination for PR nerds than politics and the press?!)

Read the rest of her bio here

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