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Spitfire Spotlight: Hannah Berkman

Where were you before Spitfire?HBerk

I was the media director at 76 Words, a progressive political ad shop. It’s very small, which meant I got to be involved in all facets of the firm, and also that I got to work closely with some of the most creative people in political advertising. I especially enjoyed the opportunity that job gave me to travel to different parts of the country and talk to people about their personal stories and see firsthand how politicians’ decisions have very real ramifications. I also got to work for some of my dream clients like Planned Parenthood and the Human Rights Campaign.   

What made you want to become a Spitfire?

I mean, have you met the staff? Sure, I was initially drawn to Spitfire by its strong reputation, impressive client list, and innovative tools for smart, deliberate communication. But once I met the team at Spitfire, I was sold. They were warm and welcoming, with just a little edge of Spitfire sass. Every day when I come to work, I feel grateful to have such wonderful colleagues who motivate and inspire me to constantly learn and grow professionally. It’s a great work environment.

How are you sparking change at Spitfire these days?

As someone who has always had a hard time choosing just one favorite cause, I am happy to be working on a wide array of issues I care about. My current projects focus on providing women with access to full family planning counseling and resources, stimulating the economic integration of highly skilled immigrants and refugees, preventing oil drilling and development from destroying wildlife, and protecting Americans’ right to privacy in an age of ubiquitous surveillance.

What’s your favorite movie?

“Dr. Strangelove,” hands down. It’s always a great choice, but it feels especially relevant these days when the news seems more like satire than reality. I also know every word of “The Parent Trap,” which is bound to come in handy someday.

“This truly is the gold standard of executive training.  I have benefited greatly.”

- Roland Stringfellow, Director of Ministerial Outreach, Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies

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