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Rounding the Q1 Digital Curve: Tips to Keep Up Speed

Kerry Leslie

By Kerry Leslie

Congratulations! You have two months of 2016 under your belt. The rush of the New Year is gradually morphing into a consistent breeze and the slew of 2016 trends emails is quieting in your inbox. While others may be content to coast on the momentum of the New Year digital tips and analyses, we’re eager to help your organization stay in front of, and accelerate out of, the first quarter curve.

Get your emoji gameplan ready.

Emojis are here to stay on social media and are becoming effective tools for organizations and businesses to connect with their audiences on yet another emotional level. From Twitter’s tips for using emojis to increase engagement, to Curalate’s Emojini 3000, to Facebook reactions, now is the time to start thinking about how the growing prevalence of emojis will affect your social media strategy. Start slowly, experiment with using emojis to give your messages personality and clarity, and see which resonate with your audiences. And as you enter the emoji universe, apply the hashtag rules: Keep it Relevant and Less is More.

#NoFilter – take another look at Instagram.

2016 may be the year social change organizations take a second look at Instagram. The platform’s popularity is steadily increasing and Instagram is now even more nonprofit-friendly, allowing all users to easily switch between accounts without logging in and out. With its strong appeal to passionate millennials and maturing advertising options, nonprofits are seeing Instagram more and more as a highly effective tool to engage with current and new audiences.

Snapchat’s getting deep.

By letting users deep link (or direct link) to their Snap content and profiles from other social media platforms, Snapchat cleared a big barrier that may have kept organizations from embracing it as a communication tool. While nonprofits’ content still only lives for 24 hours, deep links now help organizations drive even more eyes to their Snapchat channels, fueling an even higher return on investment. (WFF’s #Lastselfie project is one our favorite examples of how nonprofits can rock Snapchat.) Explore our Snapchat two-pager for more strategy and tips.

SlideShare makes spreading content simple.

One thing those 2016 trends analyses drove home was that visual content is a must for nonprofits moving forward. Now might be a good time to heed the murmurs you’ve been hearing about the powerful potential of SlideShare and explore whether it makes sense for your content goals. If you have great visual content that’s only reaching a few eyes, a SlideShare presentation with a smart SEO strategy could be your key to reaching more audiences and making more connections to move your work forward.   


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