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Register Now for Storytelling Master Class With Andy Goodman

When Andy Goodman, storytelling expert and honorary Spitfire told us about his new, unique opportunity for nonprofit leaders, we immediately wanted to help spread the word. For the first time ever, The Goodman Center is offering a two-day communications training focused on storytelling and presenting as leadership skills. “Telling Your Story: A Master Class for Nonprofit Leaders,” will be held in Los Angeles on July 16th and 17th at the California Community Foundation.

If you’ve never participated in one of Andy Goodman’s workshops or webinars, this intensive class will give you a solid grounding in telling personal stories, organizational stories, and delivering those stories (and more) more powerfully in your presentations. And for those who have taken one of Andy’s courses, it will give you the opportunity to build on that experience and take your communications skills to a new level.

Registration is now open, but only 75 participants will be accepted, so Andy is expecting the class to sell out quickly. Tuition is $375 per student (and does not include travel expenses), and you can find more details and register online here.

“This truly is the gold standard of executive training.  I have benefited greatly.”

- Roland Stringfellow, Director of Ministerial Outreach, Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies

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