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Executive Training Program - Cloned

Nonprofit leaders are working in challenging, polarized environments. Strategic communication skills help them clarify audiences, create messages that connect, navigate tough situations and achieve vital social and environmental outcomes.

Spitfire’s 2020 Executive Training Program (ETP) centers on the power of communication as a primary driver for social change. New leaders – and leaders working to lift their voices in our current national conversation – participate in ETP to integrate strategic communication into their planning and day-to-day work. ETP focuses on increasing communication skills within the organization and its leadership through communication planning, ethical storytelling, identifying, engaging and listening to diverse audiences and moving them to action.

At our Executive Training Program, nonprofit leaders benefit from:

  • Hands-on, in-person workshops on strategy and planning, messaging, presentations, digital media, new communication trends in the field and more;
  • Access to a digital learning series that supplements the in-person training sessions
  • Exposure to top experts including high‐profile researchers, brand strategists, presentation gurus, storytellers and other stellar speakers; and
  • Tailored one-on‐one follow-up coaching from top communication strategists.
Spitfire training.

Training in 2020

The 2020 program features two three-day sessions.

Part One: June 16-18, Washington, DC
Part Two: October 13-15, San Francisco Bay Area

Learn more by contacting Dennis Poplin at 202.448.0226 or

Community of changemakers

Since 2003, ETP has provided more than 400 nonprofit leaders with an unparalleled opportunity to hone the skills necessary to articulate their visions, inspire action and make progress toward positive social change. Participating in ETP connects nonprofit leaders with peers for insight, support and ongoing partnership.


Focus on outcomes

Leaders concentrate on results and follow many paths to achieve their outcomes. Strategic communication at the center of leadership focuses organizations on the right audiences, effective messages and tactics crucial to the change they seek to create. ETP sessions and coaching help leaders rethink their personal and organizational approach to communication in a way that taps into authenticity and prioritizes meaningful action. 

Spitfire Training 11

Spitfire designs ETP for nonprofit executives seeking to create change across their organization, community and sector.

Interested in creating a positive social change?

Learn more by contacting Dennis Poplin at 202.448.0226 or