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Spitfire worked with Trust Women Foundation to develop branding that clearly conveyed the organization’s core values and unique role in the reproductive justice field.

Trust Women Foundation

Julie Burkhart founded Trust Women in 2009 to reestablish access to abortion services in Wichita, KS after the assassination of her former boss and the city’s only abortion provider, Dr. George Tiller. While Trust Women has received substantial public attention since its founding, at times the organization struggled to communicate to its target audience what the organization is, what it does and why it matters.

Armed with compelling branding and messaging, Trust Women has elevated its voice in the reproductive justice community.

To ensure our branding recommendations were well-grounded, Spitfire undertook an extensive research process to determine how Trust Women is perceived by the organization’s target audiences and develop a better understanding of its unique value. Spitfire’s research illuminated three significant challenges that Trust Women’s updated brand needed to overcome:

  • The organization’s relationship to its local clinics was unclear. Trust Women exists to open clinics that provide abortion care in underserved communities. However, many target audiences did not understand the relationship between Trust Women and its flagship clinics, leading them to question what exactly the organization was doing to improve access to abortion services.
  • Even Trust Women’s supporters did not fully comprehend the need for the organization. Spitfire’s research revealed that many of their supporters did not fully comprehend the acute abortion access issues that exist in the Midwest. This lack of understanding led people to question if Trust Women was a truly unique and needed organization.
  • Trust Women wasn’t talking about abortion enough. Since its inception, the organization’s inclination had been to talk about the variety of health care services available at its clinics and not put abortion services front and center. Spitfire’s research found that they needed to do the exact opposite. Providing abortion services in a safe, friendly and stigma-free environment is exactly what makes Trust Women’s clinics unique from others, and the organization needed to own that.

This comprehensive research enabled Spitfire to develop branding and messaging that resonated with both Trust Women and its target audiences. Spitfire crafted a brand promise for the organization that clearly articulated their unique niche and underpinned the branding recommendations:

Trust Women is the only organization that has the drive to open clinics that provide abortions in hostile areas and the knowledge and resources to do it.

Trust Women immediately implemented Spitfire’s branding and messaging recommendations, updating all of its materials to reflect the new brand. Their third annual gala, held a few months after implementation of the branding recommendations, attracted more support than ever before. Furthermore, the organization is moving forward with plans to open its second clinic, which, thanks to Spitfire’s work, will be branded as part of the Trust Women network of clinics. Armed with compelling branding and messaging, Trust Women has elevated its voice in the reproductive justice community.

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- Roland Stringfellow, Director of Ministerial Outreach, Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies

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