Spitfire Strategies: Building the Communications Capacity of Nonprofit Organizations One Ah-Ha Moment at a Time

In this crowded marketplace of competing ideas, being loud doesn’t mean you’ll be heard. Spitfire Strategies believes being smart about who you need to reach and how – and being clear about what separates you from all the others – will get you further every time. That’s why we are dedicated to helping foundations and nonprofit organizations harness the power of communications to create an impact in their efforts to promote positive social change.

Our talented staff of communications professionals has decades of experience – from grassroots advocacy to the halls of Congress. When it comes to planning for action, we know what works and what doesn’t. We understand the challenges nonprofits face. We have unique insights into how best to identify and connect with the audiences that have the power to create change. And our favorite thing to do is share what we know and help make a difference.

Spitfire helps nonprofits and foundations be heard.

Spitfire’s tailored training programs offer strategy and skills-building sessions that strengthen participants’ communications expertise from the inside out. Each Spitfire training is custom made to meet the individual needs of our clients. Ranging from half-day sessions to a year-long academy, Spitfire’s trainings offer help to nonprofit executives and organizations, foundation staff, coalitions or to a cross section of any of the above. The common denominator is the need to establish a stronger voice and create a bigger impact. And who couldn’t use a little help with that?

Spitfire Strategies’ communications capacity building program includes:

Planning to Win - a campaign planning institute based on the Just Enough Planning Guide™ and designed to help organizations putting winning strategies in place.

From Big Ideas to Big Change™ helps foundation staff better understand how to integrate strategic communications into their change strategies.

Spitfire Executive Training Program gives nonprofit leaders the opportunity to build the skills they need to more effectively articulate their vision, allocate resources, inspire action and drive their organizations toward their goals.

Spitfire's Webinar Series brings together staff or grantees from diverse locations to sit in on a 60-minute online presentation and benefit from Spitfire's valuable insights and powerful communications tools.  

Smart Chart™ is Spitfire’s signature communications planning tool that offers a practical approach to developing a communications plan by guiding participants through the choices that must be made to put a successful plan in place.

Discovering the Activation Pointshows ways that organizations can overcome barriers to taking action and persuade their supporters to actually get involved.

The Just Enough Planning Guide™helps participants systematically build the right campaign plan to make the greatest impact for their cause. It walks through the nine steps it takes to plan to win, whether participants are focusing on their efforts of changing policies or on changing behavior among target audiences.

Audience targeting and messaging

Skills-building sessions:

  • Media relations provides successful tips for garnering the best media coverage of events and programs
  • Policymaker education offers strategies for running effective policymaker meetings and delivering persuasive messages to the ones who matter most.
  • Spitfire Tailored Trainings are multiple day programs specifically geared to meet the unique interests and needs of the participants.
  • For additional online resources, click here.

These highly interactive sessions use examples from the best (and the worst) practices we’ve seen used in field. Participants work on their own projects during the session and leave with products, plans, skills and resources they can immediately use to take their projects or organizations to the next level.

Does teaching our clients how to do what we do sound like a bad business strategy? That’s what sets us apart. We aren’t concerned with making ourselves heard – we just want to help you get ahead.

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