Turn smart choices into powerful strategies.

A smart plan designed specifically for your nonprofit or foundation makes every communications effort count.

At Spitfire, we take a different approach to your communications planning needs. We don’t hold a press conference just to hold a press conference, we never do cookie-cutter planning, and we believe that all the media clips in the world are worth nothing if they don’t move your audience toward your goals. We help nonprofits look beyond basic communications activities, and focus instead on choosing the right strategy to make an impact on their issue or advance their project. This is how we’ve helped hundreds of organizations reach their goals—and it’s how we’ll work with you to reach yours.

Using expert tools like the Smart Chart 3.0™ and the Just Enough Planning Guide™, we’ll help you create a strategic, doable plan and stick to it—making sure everything you do moves you closer to the change you want to make.