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Sherice Perry

Vice President


Sherice Perry comes to Spitfire with over a decade of experience in health policy, advocacy and communications. Sherice has focused her career on advocating for health care access in underserved and low-income communities, educating the public about health and health care issues, and ensuring that journalists, particularly those reporting to women and communities of color, have access to resources and information to accurately report on health care hot topics, such as the Affordable Care Act.

As the director of specialty and broadcast media in the secretary’s Public Affairs Office at the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS), Sherice focused on public health and the Affordable Care Act. In that capacity, Sherice led the Public Affairs Office’s specialty media outreach, managed the secretary’s broadcast media portfolio, and staffed Secretary Sebelius and Secretary Burwell for in-town and on-the-road events. Sherice also planned and executed events to educate the media and public about the Affordable Care Act and public health issues affecting minority populations, in collaboration with the White House and other government agencies.

Previously, Sherice served as executive director of The Billie Jean King Leadership Initiative, health equity program manager at Families USA, a communications specialist with the National Cancer Institute’s Cancer Information Service and a consultant for health policy at Burness Communications.

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