Spitfire Strategies

Mark Dessauer

Vice President

Mark Dessauer thrives on seeing change happen, specifically when organizations use communications effectively to change lives and our communities. While Mark’s experience ranges from developing the national conversation on community responses to childhood obesity to leading a monthly walk and bike to school, he is passionate about working with partnerships, grantees and organizations to use strategic communications to increase their impact. Mark comes to Spitfire after working on community change as a funder and grantee for the last 15 years. Mark is currently building learning and capacity building tools and training for organizations and providing strategic communication for clients.
Prior to coming to Spitfire Strategies, Mark was Director of Communications for the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina Foundation. In his role with the foundation he worked to integrate communications as a part of their capacity support for grantees. Mark was responsible for developing and implementing the communications strategies, media relations and internal communications to support the Foundation’s initiatives and grantees from healthy food systems to oral health and access to care. Mark first encountered Spitfire Strategies in 2003 as Communication Director for Active Living By Design, a RWJF national program to create healthier communities. He guided every grantee through the Spitfire communication training and helped them develop their stories for national and local media.

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Putting the Thought into Thought Leadership

Kristen Grimm

By Kristen Grimm

Every month, Spitfire hosts a strategy lab where we discuss best practices or hear from external experts to improve our craft and make us smarter. For the March strategy lab, we held a special alumni edition, inviting former Spitfires to join current staff and explore a topic. Former Spitfire @KarleyKranich,… (read more)

Making History

A conversation with Spitfire President Kristen Grimm on the historic achievements of women — past, present and future.  It is well worth celebrating the accomplishments of women during Women’s History Month, but the fact is that women are making history every single day. That’s how Kristen Grimm sees it. Amy… (read more)

How Net Neutrality Became One of America’s Favorite Things

Jennifer Carnig

By Jennifer Carnig
Senior Vice President

At Spitfire, we’ve been engaged in the fight to preserve a free and open internet for nearly a decade, so we know how far we’ve come – and how far we still have to go. We’ve always understood that achieving the big victory of permanently preserving the open internet is… (read more)

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