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Maggie McGillick

Senior Account Manager

As an experienced writer with a strong political background, Maggie provides writing, media outreach and ongoing communication support to a variety of Spitfire’s clients. She helps bring complex issues to life by making them understandable and relatable for non-expert audiences – a skill she uses on a daily basis through her work on topics such as affordable health care, environmental conservation and responsible homeownership.

Maggie uses strategic storytelling to help her clients promote their positive change goals. Previously, Maggie worked with a coalition of LGBT organizations to galvanize the LGBT community around the need for immigration reform and use personal stories about how members of the community are uniquely affected by our nation’s current policies. Maggie also worked to help families that have been torn apart by our broken immigration policies share their stories about the immediate need for comprehensive immigration reform. As part of this work, Maggie and her fellow Spitfires helped organize a rally of approximately 100,000 immigrant families and supporters to urge Congress to finally pass comprehensive reform. The event received coverage in papers across the country, including The New York Times and The Washington Post.

Before joining Spitfire, Maggie worked as a government relations consultant at a boutique lobbying firm that advocated on behalf of nonprofit universities and scientific associations. It was there that Maggie learned firsthand how to effectively communicate with lawmakers and their staff and how to read and analyze legislation.

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Maggie McGillick

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Senior Account Manager

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