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Jill Fitzsimmons


With extensive experience at the intersection of advocacy, research and strategic communication, Jill knows what it takes to achieve results for Spitfire’s clients. She has a knack for crafting compelling messages and engaging content to spur action on today’s critical issues.

At Spitfire, Jill designs and executes communication strategies for clients such as The California Wellness Foundation and Hope and Heal Fund, a pooled fund to combat gun violence in California. She partners with advocates fighting for safe drinking water, clean air and healthy oceans. She has worked with healthcare advocates across the country to expand access to quality, affordable care through the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Consumer Voices for Coverage initiative. Jill also works with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and New Teacher Center on the Better Together: California Teachers Summit, a first-of-its kind event that drew more than 10,000 teachers in its first year. 

Prior to joining Spitfire, Jill was the Deputy Research Director at NextGen Climate, where she developed strategies to elect climate champions and propel climate change to the forefront of our national political dialogue. She was also an integral part of NextGen’s campaign to change the conversation around the proposed Keystone XL pipeline and educate decision makers about the dangers of tar sands development.

Jill also served as a consultant to the Risky Business Project, providing communication support around the release of a first-of-its-kind economic risk assessment of climate change in California.

Jill honed her research and communication skills at Media Matters for America, where she worked to improve the quality and quantity of environmental coverage in the national press. Her work led to measurable increases in climate coverage and was featured in the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC and POLITICO.

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