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Emily Gardner


Emily Gardner crafts smart strategies, compelling messaging and winning pitches for clients working on issues ranging from environmental restoration and a safer food system to immigration reform and health care access. She has helped clients like the Center for Community Change, Trust Women and the National Transgender Law Center raise their profiles, influence decision makers and spark change.

Emily has worked extensively with advocacy organizations and coalitions to build and execute effective campaigns, ranging from a coordinated effort to secure funding for Gulf Coast restoration, to a diverse coalition of advocates working toward a better Farm Bill, to a recent campaign to prevent the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. Through branding and communications strategy work with the Walton Family Foundation, the Surdna Foundation and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Emily has developed an expertise in building effective communication strategies for funders and their grantees. Emily has a passion for telling stories; she loves translating complicated research into real-world narratives and writing persuasive op-eds that move audiences to action.

Prior to joining Spitfire, Emily worked at The SEED Foundation, an organization that opens and operates inner-city, public boarding schools in underserved communities. Previously, Emily worked at Slate, helping to launch new projects and writing articles.

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