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Aisha Shah

Outreach & Impact Coordinator, AndACTION

Aisha Shah joins Spitfire with a passion for education, commitment to social impact, and an interest in effective philanthropy. As Spitfire’s Outreach and Impact Coordinator for AndACTION, she connects nonprofits to important issues reflected in film and TV.

Prior to joining Spitfire, she was an Impact Fellowship with YES Prep Public Schools in Houston, Texas. At YES, Aisha supported the schools’ communications and advancement departments by launching the College Rush fundraiser run to raise money for student scholarships. It was here that she developed a passion for advocacy and nonprofit communications. Aisha has since served as a Program Associate at Raise DC, an organization that ensures District students succeed along their path from cradle to career. In this role, Aisha supported initiatives ranging from early childhood education to college access and adult learning.

Aisha also worked as a nonprofit liaison for LexisNexis Special Services Inc.’s overarching corporate giving initiative, LN Cares, where she developed relationships with corporate donors and organized a variety of philanthropic events focused on expanding opportunities for youth in the DC area.

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