Just Enough Planning Guide


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It's hard to get the planning right

How much planning is enough? If you jump into a campaign without a good plan, you run the risk of getting off track, wasting time and resources you can’t afford to burn. But getting bogged down in planning can mean your campaign never gets off the ground.

Get it right by planning to win

The Just Enough Planning Guide™ features advice from expert campaigners. It will help you avoid getting lost in the weeds while making smart decisions on key issues like:

  • Getting buy-in to minimize internal tension
  • Defining a clear, specific goal
  • Choosing the best course to victory and major steps along the way
  • Identifying the tactics that make sense
  • Evaluating progress and staying on track

Create a plan that is just right for you

The Just Enough Planning Guide was built for flexibility. From small local nonprofits to nationwide coalitions, on policy change campaigns and behavior change efforts, the guide makes campaign planning easier and more effective. An interactive version is available for free.


Let us get you started

From a brief Web-based overview to full-service campaign planning, we can help you to get the most out of the Just Enough Planning Guide. Our experts bring experiences from Spitfire’s campaign wins, including a major policy victory on children’s health insurance and getting a million people to sign up for Catalog Choice. We know what it takes to win.


Credit where credit is due

The Just Enough Planning Guide was developed by Spitfire Strategies, and the Communications Leadership Institute with funding from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. We appreciate the guidance of our panel of expert campaigners, who helped to make the guide the go-to resource for effective campaign planning.