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Celebrating Latinx Political Power

Maria Beltran

By Maria Beltran
Senior Account Executive

Hispanic Heritage Month pays tribute to the generations of Hispanic Americans who have positively influenced and enriched our nation and society. It has been celebrated in the United States since 1968 and has grown from a two-week celebration into a month long one. Today, organizations and individuals across the country… (read more)

Why You Shouldn’t Say “Alternative Facts” And Other Pro Tips from Professor and Misinformation Researcher Dr. Emily Thorson

Devon Haynes

By Devon Haynes
Senior Account Executive

  In this era of alternat—I mean, misleading statements and misdirection, progressive political advisers, communication professionals and advocates are working overtime to combat misinformation and get out the truth. Every pundit seems to have their own theory about how the #MAGA faithful’s untruths and conspiracies spread—whether through social media bots,… (read more)

The Words We Use Matter

Kerry Leslie

By Kerry Leslie
Senior Account Manager

  We’ve likely all done it. Spent 15 minutes crafting one sentence. Kicked ourselves for coming up with the perfect retort that would leave our audience speechless after the fact. Or had a full staff discussion about whether to use the word equity or equality in our new vision statement…. (read more)

Top 6 Reasons Communications Won the Day on Healthcare

Beth Kanter

By Beth Kanter
Chief Strategy Officer

Emily Gardner

By Emily Gardner

We’ve basked in the glow of victory now for a couple of weeks, savoring the sweet win of repeal and replace’s resounding defeat (for now, at least). The congratulatory emails full of thanks and pats on the back flooded our in-boxes and dominated news headlines. Now we’re in that sweet… (read more)

New Spitfires!

Spitfire is pleased to share the great news! In the last few weeks, we’ve added more smarts, sass and strategery to our team! Please welcome the newest Spitfires: Gregory A. Joseph, Director Gregory hit the ground running at Spitfire and wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. On day one,… (read more)

Spitfire Spotlight: Aisha Shah, Outreach & Impact Coordinator, AndACTION

How are you sparking change as a Spitfire these days? As Spitfire’s Outreach and Impact Coordinator for the AndACTION project, I connect nonprofits to important issues reflected in film and TV. Currently, we are working with Advocates for Youth to create a curriculum for students to discern valid information about… (read more)

Spitfire Spotlight: Melanie Moon, Senior Account Executive

How are you sparking change as a Spitfire these days? Right now I am starting to work with a couple of different client teams focused on environmental conservation and social justice issues, with a focus on race and economic impact. What made you want to be a Spitfire? I was… (read more)

Spitfire Spotlight: Arden Grady, Senior Account Manager

How are you sparking change as a Spitfire these days? One thing I already love about Spitfire is how different the work is from day to day – both in terms of the important issues we get to work on and the actual tasks at hand. A month into my… (read more)

Spitfire Spotlight: Alexander Boykin, Training Coordinator

How are you sparking change as a Spitfire these days? As a training coordinator at Spitfire, I manage the logistics of Spitfire’s training workshops. My team focuses on helping foundations and nonprofits learn new ways to utilize communication as they work to spark social change. So far this year, I… (read more)

Spitfire Spotlight: Maria Beltran, Senior Account Executive

How are you sparking change as a Spitfire these days? It’s been exciting to jump into new projects and help our clients achieve their goals. I love that I get to provide my issue area expertise in health care, higher education, economic equity and youth development, while also learning about… (read more)

“This has been a tremendous eye opener. It shows us how to pull the aspects of communications skills, from the message, to the audience. It forced us to identify our strengths and our weaknesses in an effort to become more strategic in how we prepare our messages and communicate them.”

- Training Participant

How Stories Can Help You Break through Barriers When Fact-Based Arguments Fall Short

Liv Kittel

By Liv Kittel
Senior Account Manager

As the dust from November 8 begins to settle, many are trying to reconcile Donald Trump’s Electoral College success with the fact that he spent the vast majority of his campaign pushing messages that were at odds with commonly accepted facts. Others are beginning to connect the dots between Trump’s… (read more)

Spitfire Spotlight: Liv Kittel

Get to know one of our newest Senior Account Managers, Liv Kittel! Where were you before Spitfire? I spent several years at Media Matters for America, cultivating expertise in media analysis, crisis communication and combating right-wing media misinformation. I led a large department of researchers and media monitors, and developed… (read more)

A Better Way to Explain Your Data

You’ve got a really complicated concept to explain and it’s really important that your target audience understand it. Do you: Pull together a PowerPoint presentation with 38 slides filled with data analysis written in 12 point font? Write a 1200 word blog post accompanied by charts, graphs and an annotated… (read more)

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